Do you dream of living in YOUR PERFECT HOME?

  • Do you binge watch home renovation shows, but assume it could never happen to you in "real life"?

  • Do you wander through Target and HomeGoods, wanting to buy #allthethings but not knowing where the heck to put them?

  • Are you constantly frustrated by the disfunction in your house, but have no clue how to fix it?

  • Are your walls empty? Not because you don't have artwork, but because you're too intimidated to put a nail in the wall?

It’s time to make it a reality.

At Alyssa Designs & co. we believe that a home is more than a place to sleep and store all your junk (though those functions are important, too!). Home is where we make memories, where we raise our children, where we feel the most at peace and safe. Everyone deserves to have a home to be proud of, a home that is suited to your lifestyle, and that works for the family living there now.  

The process of designing your rooms and decorating your space to make it perfectly yours can feel VERY intimidating (not to mention expensive!), but with a simple process and guidance along the way- we will create a functional, family-friendly, (and affordable!) space designed for your family life. 


Home Design is not a luxury-
your family deserves to love being HOME.

open concept living room

As a busy mama, running a business and caring for two kiddos full-time, Alyssa knows how important it is to have a home that functions smoothly and makes you HAPPY to be there. When a home is harmonious, so are the people in it. 

Alyssa left a full-time career as an educator in Chicago to manage the renovation and design of a fixer-upper home (showcased here!) and to have time at home with two small kiddos. She knows how impossible it is to #wearallthehats and play every single role that is asked of moms all the time. (career-woman, mama, wife, housekeeper, chef, chauffeur, cheerleader, mentor, teacher, soccer coach- AND home designer?!?!?!) 

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