How to Add Professional Design to an Empty Room

This week, I had a mama ask me how to update the design of a newly renovated room. Starting with a clean slate can be so much fun, but it can also be intimidating! 

Read on for a run-down of my design proposal for her room, and some quick tips for adding professional style to your home.


This room design started with a pretty bare room that includes sunny yellow grommet curtains and a yellow and gray rug. The homeowner let me know that the sofa and tables would be replaced when they update the rest of the room, but I wanted to create a design that could work with their current couch if they want to update the space sooner than the new sofa arrives. 



I really like the grommet curtains, and the rug is a good match. My suggestion would be to stick with these pieces since they can be expensive to replace, and the yellow is really nice paired with the gray paint. 

The neutral floor is beautiful; multiple rugs could be used to divide the space into separate zones if she wants to create several divided areas. 

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For this space, I relied on my "5 Components to Create a Complete Design" that I layout in the Home Design Handbook.


Yellow and Gray are the leading colors in the room, but don't feel like you have to stick with ONLY one shade of each. Including black and white adds contrast, and several shades of yellow make it feel rich and interesting, instead of cut and pasted from a showroom floor.



The main texture in this space is the mix of textiles. Lots of pillows creates a blend of patterns and designs that make a room feel organic and inviting. The pouf and chunky knit blanket add to the cozy and welcoming feel. The soft textiles are in stark contrast with the industrial metal and wood table and glass lamp.


First and foremost this is a family room, that will include a fireplace, wall mounted TV, and give the family a cozy place to unwind and relax together. Plenty of seating and comfortable places to lounge are the first priority! 


There is an overhead light in the room, but I recommend having several indirect lighting sources for different times of the day and different uses of the room. Table lamps on end tables are a great addition, and I would even explore an arc floor lamp to add another zone of lighting near the accent chair if there is room in the space.


This room certainly does not lack personality! Artwork and textiles are my favorite place to add personal touches in a space, and they are easy to update with seasonal decor or current trends if you wish, as well. An affordable and personal way to add artwork to this space would be to print black and white family photos and create a gallery wall. The wall in this room are large and currently bare. Make sure your artwork matches the scale of the room- err on the side of too BIG if you're concerned! 

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