How to Hang Wall Art (without math!)

Do you know how to hang wall art? Or does it scare you MORE than your sad empty walls? (so the artwork is still stacked in the basement???) 


Watch for demonstrations of my top 3 tricks to hang wall art perfectly EVERY TIME. 

A few tools to add to your DIY designer toolbox for hanging wall art (as mentioned in the video):

  • Blue Tape

  • Drywall Screws

  • Level

Just want the quick notes? Here ya go!

A few tricks for your DIY Design toolbox..... 

1) Hang lower than you think you should (even if you need to move it up, the nail hole will be hidden!) 

2) BLUE TAPE is your friend! (lots of tricks for this! check out the video for examples)

3) Err towards larger pieces of art. Small frames and items get lost on a big wall.... and Gallery Walls are a topic for another video! ;) 

Need help figuring out your style so you can figure out what art to even buy?!?! 

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