Online Home Design: the Client Experience

With the rise of companies like Havenly and Laurel & Wolfe advertising their cheap interior design services.... how do you know if working with an interior designer online is the right path for you? And what if you have already tried working with an online company- and feel like you got left out in the cold after the design plans were presented?

I've heard from friends and clients both that super cheap, non-personalized online design companies can be great for helping you get inspired about a new design for your space- BUT the collaborative approach to design, attention to detail and budget, and follow-up to help you make the design a reality just isn't there. (That's how they can afford to be so affordable!)

In fact, I have picked up design projects AFTER several clients worked with a budget online design service because of those very reasons.... the items weren't realistic, they had issues implementing and installing the design plans, or life circumstances changed and the original design wasn't a good fit anymore.... but the budget designer wasn't available to help them troubleshoot.

Watch below Watch this interview and hear directly from a client in my NEW and one-of-a-kind group online design program how she is using on-call interior design to completely update her home!


Some highlights and notes from the video:

  • When you just need some direction, advice, inspiration, or help as you plan your own home projects- having a designer to call is helpful and encouraging.

  • The group (DIY Design Mastermind) is a one-of-a-kind membership program that provides education and guidance for your home design- AND access to Alyssa as an interior designer on-call to help with every little choice along the way!

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