Top 3 Reasons Busy Moms FAIL at Interior Design

Hey mama, I see you there, wearing #allthehats and working on all of your dreams, raising awesome kids, cooking amazing food, driving all the carpools- not to mention hosting book club, running a side hustle, and still managing to be an awesome wife/friend/sister/daughter on top of it all. (whew! Go you!)

Who in the world said that us moms had to do all of those things AND be an interior designer?!?!

I don't know about you, but it's just too much. Your days are busy, hectic, and probably meticulously planned so that you can get everything done and maybe have a few minutes to yourself at the end of the day ( but who am I kidding!? what is "me time"?!?)


The design of your home is not just something pretty to look at; a well-designed home improves the functionality, the durability, and the livability of your space.

It improves the living that you do when you're in your home, and supports you and the life you lead outside your home.  We love our babies at home, we take care of our family at home, and we make memories at home that last into the future.

Let's take closer look at the top 3 mistakes you're probably making in creating the functional, durable, family-friendly (and stylish!) home that you are dreaming about.

Number one.

Busy mamas make the mistake of thinking that they can just do a little bit of design here and there, and eventually hope they will come up with the home of their dreams.

We live in our homes, we work hard and and play hard at home- they are constantly in use.  If you're fixing up one little corner of a room at a time, or adding two new pillows here and there, or shopping for that one perfect coffee table that you think is going to make the room come together....

It's just not gonna happen, mama!

I'm telling it to you straight because that's what I appreciate in my life. One little project at a time is not the approach that's going to result in the dream home that you're imagining. It just won't. Sorry not sorry.

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Number two.

The second mistake that busy moms make when trying to design our homes is thinking that we can't have nice things because we have kiddos, or that our design style must wait until our children are grown up and out of the house.

I say heck no.

There are so many ways to incorporate stylish and trendy home design elements, or classic and timeless designs, that are beautiful,functional,anddurable.

Performance fabrics, synthetic materials, and re-purposed and recycled items are the perfect tools to create a home design that is both stylish and suited for the type of living your family does in your home right now. Check out this blog post for my five top tips on having a stylish home with kids.

Number three.

And, finally, the number three reason why busy mamas are never going to design that dream home is you think that you can't afford the help of a professional

Would you cut your own hair? Would you fix your own car? Would you butcher your own chicken? (OK- maybe that's an extreme example.)

And yes, I know there are mamas out there who do you cut your own hair, fix your own breaks, and even cut your own meat. But, that doesn't mean that you have to know how to do it all.

The mission in my business is to help mamas be better at wearing all the hats that you wear every day- by giving you functional, durable, and stylish home design plans that you can implement easily (and not break the bank!).

This is the reason I created the Mamas' Design Mastermind. This monthly group program was specifically designed to help mamas get professional advice and support as you implement functional, durable, and beautiful home design that improves the living you do in your house and supports better lives for your entire family.

As women and mothers, the power of community is undeniable. We create book clubs, dinner clubs, soccer mom clubs, and networking clubs to connect with other like-minded moms just like us.

But somewhere along the way someone told us we needed to know how to be housekeepers, interior designers, and family managers without any sort of support or guidance from a professional.

Again, I say, heck no!

It's not fair that you're expected to do #allthethings perfectly. You absolutely deserve to have a house that makes you proud to host impromptu play dates and maybe even offer to host Thanksgiving one of these years.

So let's chat about the Mastermind.

For a monthly subscription of $49, you have access to a professional home designer, inspiration from other moms, and advice from all sorts of professionals - all working on improving our homes for our families. You will get educational home design resources (like master class videos, PDF worksheets, and guides) all specifically tailored for the active family life that you are living in your home. 

No more wasting hours on Pinterest or trying DIY craft projects that you hope will improve the design and style of your house. (Please, ladies- give it a rest!)

When you have a design question- post it in the group and immediately get feedback and support from the other women in the community.  You can count on me taking the time to respond to your question and give you a thoughtful and intentionally customized design solution.

It's like having an interior designer in your back pocket!

Ready to join the club? Let's go! 

Still have more questions? I'm always here to answer questions and help you improve your home design.

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