Family Friendly Design: Hide the Kid Stuff!

Do you ever feel like you're living in a preschool playroom? You're dreaming in primary colors? You consider decorating your mantle with teddy bears, or you've stepped on SO MANY LEGOs it doesn't even surprise you any more? 

Never fear, mama. I've pulled together some of my favorite, super-STYLISH, and always practical storage solutions that will hide the kid stuff so you can reclaim your home from your children's belongings.


I don't believe that you have to sacrifice great style when you have children in your home. I DO, however, believe that you need to put some care and thought into strategically designing your home so that it works for everyone in your household. 


In my home, this means stashing a puzzle, coloring book, and magnetic blocks UNDER the ottoman we use for our coffee table. Our 5-year-old always has something to pull out for playtime, and she can also manage putting it away when she is done. There is NO reason for her toys to be floating around the living room. 

My son is 15-months old, and his things are a little harder to corral. For now, we have a collapsible play pen set up in the living room where he can play while I cook or work on the computer. His toys go INSIDE the pen, and straightening them is a piece of cake! I keep only a few options out at a time, and they aren't too much of an eyesore. The play pen can be quickly folded up and put away if we have adult company! 

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THREE strategies to designing around "kid stuff"

1) Give everything a HOME

Whether it's a basket by the door, or a storage ottoman for each room- when everything has a place to be "put away" it is less of a struggle to keep it picked up. 

2) Limit the amount of stuff stored in each room. 

Depending on your lifestyle and the age of your kiddos, this will look differently for each family. My kids get three things to play with in the living room, and everything else needs to be put away in their rooms. It's enough "out" that my daughter feels included in our home (there is LOTS of grown-up stuff, she says!) but easy to put away and out of sight! The less stuff, the easier it is to put back where it belongs. 

3) Be intentional with your furniture and organization choices. 

There are SO many products out there designed to hide, store, organize, and camouflage our JUNK- be tactful and intentional about how you incorporate storage solutions in your home design. Some of my TOP choices are below. 

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Storage Ottomans:

Storage ottomans are one of my all. time. favorite. pieces. You can find them in bold patterns or classy leather upholstery, and they are great for storing blankets, board, games, remote controls, and other living room essentials. This is an awesome example of an ottoman that could be used in an entryway, living room, office, or bedroom. 

Stylish storage containers: 

Fun storage baskets like these from ILovebarushka can be coordinated to your decor and give small items a designated place to belong. I would love to use these in a kid room design, or for a fun addition of organic color and texture to an office, media room, or reading nook. 

For an even cleaner look, keep all baskets and bins in the SAME color. The fewer colors in a space to distract our eyes, the cleaner and more put together the room will appear.

Grown-Up Storage Furniture

Stick with storage furniture that matches the rest of your home. (NO primary colors! unless that's your style....) And opt for pieces that encourage your kiddos to put their OWN things back where they belong. This piece is low and simple, and would compliment all types of white trim and classic design. The bins help children learn to put their own toys away, and keep it hidden so mama is happy!

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