Easy Updates: Master Suite Ideas

Great design doesn't always mean a renovation project, a big mess, paint chips, and contractors in your home for weeks. Don't you wish you could have a space all to yourself that feels like a real retreat?

Check out 3 simple steps to take when you're updating your Master Bedroom design- to achieve a final style that is pulled together, intentional, and uniquely yours!


Easy Update: Master Suite Ideas

This bedroom was a blank slate. The walls are a light sage, the hardwood floors and trim complete and in great shape, and a beautiful cherry wood bedroom set. To completely transform this bedroom in a weekend, follow three easy steps! 


1. Declutter and Simplify

Clearing your space is arguably one of the most important steps to take when you are designing a space in your home. When we living amongst all of our STUFF all the time, it can be difficult to "see" the bones of the room and imagine a new design through the clutter. 

Identify what is staying in your room, and remove everything that just doesn't belong!

Our example room is in the process of being unpacked, so keeping the clutter out of the space should be an easy task (if the room is designed and organized from the start). More important than any design or decoration, this step is so important to updating your space- keep readhing for more master suite ideas!

2. Arrange furniture to highlight the bed

The easiest way to create a bedroom that looks professionally designed is to arrange the furniture and functional pieces of the room in a way that highlight the bed. 


bedroom design golden rule: 

The most important thing in a bedroom, and the FIRST thing you should see when you enter the room, should be the bed (and headboard).  

If you're not sure where that is- go to the doorway of your bedroom, and identify the wall that is furthest from you and FACING the door- that is where your bed belongs!

Ideally, center the bed on the wall- and create symmetry around the bed with nightstands, lamps, drapery, art, and decor.

This bedroom has an office alcove with an opening that is visible from the bed. To keep the spaces separate, and create more visual peace (by hiding the office clutter!), a folding room divider will be added across the opening. "Clutter" can include little items without a home, surfaces filled with items with no home, as well as visual clutter when your eye has too many things to look at that are distracting.

3. Add linens and decor in 3 main colors

Start with the three main colors you want to see in your bedroom design. Any more than this, and there is a risk that the room starts to look messy and cluttered- even when it is neat and clean.

Not sure how to figure out a design around ONLY three colors? 

Here is a quick slideshow to highlight the THREE MAIN COLORS in each of these beautiful bedroom designs:


For the bedroom design this week I chose to highlight the light sage paint and deep cherry stain of the furniture set as two of the three main colors in the room. 


I discuss all three steps to planning your master bedroom design- and share two complete Master Suite bedroom style designs on my weekly show: Design [like a mother] Episode #3!


1) SAGE: different shades of the same sage green are incorporated in the paint, rug, curtains, and decor accessories like the lamps. 

2) CHERRY/WOOD: The hardwood floors in the room and the complete bedroom set are a main color in the space. Since there is an extra office space attached to the room, I added a folding room divider in the same cherry stain to keep the spaces separate. 

3) CORAL: Coral is a bright, happy accent color that really brings personality to this bedroom! By adding a new duvet cover and some coordinating pillows, the room transforms from a dull blank slate into a welcoming and relaxing place that is a true reflection of the people who live there. 

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