The #1 Reason You Will NEVER Have a Pinterest-Perfect Home

Pinterest is an amazing resource. It is filled with inspiration, tried and true techniques, and pictures from "real people" designing, decorating, DIY-ing, and crafting their way to the home that you are now dreaming about.

Today I'm going to talk to you about why you will never have your dream home if you keep letting yourself be sucked into the Pinterest-Vortex and getting overwhelmed by DIY posts and photos of magazine-worthy homes.


Yep, I said it. You will NEVER have the home that you think you want inspired by Pinterest.

When a blogger posts something on Pinterest, she has taken an incredible amount of time to plan her project, collect materials, write a tutorial, and take well-lit, perfectly-staged images that strategically communicate to you that it is realistic / accessible / affordable to have a home that looks like it is straight out of Real Simple or HGTV magazines.

What you don't see are the hours that she spends planning, adjusting, and photo shopping her images so that they are the most appealing and the most drool-worthy that they can be. My house looks FANTASTIC right now- so good that I wish I had a photo shoot scheduled so I could share it with you! (But what you wouldn't see in the photos is that I spend 16 HOURS cleaning and organizing and styling it for an upcoming Open House.)

As a home designer and decorator, I look at the images I see online, of perfectly styled montages and vignettes that are so inspiring and beautiful.....  I like to use them as a jumping off point for an entire home design.

What the images from Pinterest often lack, is that they are not a cohesive design plan that will give you realistic goals for your won home. You are likely not reading the whole story of what it takes to implement a home design that is magazine worthy

Every blogger and DIY-er is not the same, either. They do not take into account how durable, functional, or kid–proof your home needs to be in order to make your life easier. Simply copying a style you see online may not increase the livability or functionality of YOUR unique home.

When I started designing homes for busy families, I knew that the biggest challenge my clients face is coming up with something that is beautiful enough for mom, functional enough for dad, and durable enough for all of the tiny humans that you are raising in your house.

The #1 Reason You'll Never Achieve That Perfect Home Design

Let's talk about the number one reason why you won't have a Pinterest home if you try to do it alone.

Like anything in life that's worth doing well, it's vitally important to plan ahead. If you jump into every new project or inspiring craft or DIY solution, without taking the time to make a larger plan for your home, it's never going to come together.

I don't care how good you are at DIY or chalk painting furniture or hanging artwork on your wall; without a larger design plan, all of those small projects will just look like small projects collected in your house.

The First step towards your dream home is a PLAN

When I work with my clients, I start by identifying the feel and the inspiration behind their dream home. When you close your eyes and imagine coming home to the perfect space, what does it look like? What does it feel like under your fingertips? What does it smell like?

Next, we align all of those images and feelings and sensory input to determine the most important aspects of the feeling of a space. 

After we decide on inspiration images and the overall feeling of the space that we want to achieve, we work on a color palette, paint colors, and talk about the largest pieces of furniture in the space. These will dictate how the room is used functionally by all of the members of the house.

The fun, crafty, DIY inspired projects and special touches are the very last element of design that we work on to complete. If you start shopping for pillows before you understand your design style or the main color palette of your room, you will end up with too many pillows that have nowhere to go you will have wasted time and money again and still feel dissatisfied with the design and style of your home.

I cannot encourage you enough to back away from the pillow aisle at Target!  Take some time to decide the style you want for your entire house, and let's get a strategy in place before you do any more shopping for your family home.

Are you ready for a challenge?

This July, I am hosting a free five day challenge where we will dig into the inspiration sources, outline a color palette, and truly define your signature style that you want to see in your house so that you can design and decorate with confidence and ease in the future. You can sign up the challenge here!

Join the Challenge July 17!